Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit

Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit

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Track your sleep, increase your wellbeing & apply Positive Psychology. 

The Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit is your 12 page lifesaver.

It is designed to strengthen your mind and increase focus and mental well-being in your day to day life.

This will enable you to plan your life through our easy to use tools, record your sleep patterns to ensure you are allowing time for your mind and body to function at their best, using positive psychology exercises to help you win at life.

To get the most of the Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit,  we recommend you to read our blog 7 Positive psychology techniques to improve your life

Simply download your Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit straight from your inbox, print it off and enjoy the simple to use, stress relieving tools. 


How to download Kocoono Wellness ™ Toolkit for FREE?

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Sleep Diary

The sleep Diary will allow you to recognize patterns around your day and bed time that affects your quality sleep, and then you can intercept with an ingenious sleep plan!

Brain Dump

Too much thoughts? Find a single place to contain them. Writing down all the information can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. It also helps you to improve your focus and productivity levels.

Weekly Planner

Goal setting is an integral practice in the field of Positive Psychology. Having goals and fighting to maintain them keeps you motivated and consequently happy.  You will find an undated weekly planner to organize and motivate yourself! 

Automatic Thoughts

This exercise will help you to detect the trigger of your negative thoughts and create new positive thoughts to fight them.

Gratitude Journal


Many studies have found  that those who regularly practice gratitude experience more positive emotions. Our Gratitude Journal proposes you write down three items per day, every day, that you are grateful for. 

Winning in Life

You can find an ideal exercise called “Winning in Life”  that invites you to pause and appreciate what you have accomplished. You will feel happy by simply writing down the areas that you are winning in life and the little steps you have done to create them. 

You will also receive our tips and tricks to help reduce anxiety, stress and learn some techniques to benefit your mental well-being and combat those sleepless nights. 

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