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Weighted Blanket

Hi folks, I got the blanket for my teenage son as he finds it hard to settle at night and is up early for school. It is working a treat. He loves it. I try and use it during the day to ground myself. It is difficult to journal with a blanket. I would love you to make a really long jacket that I could use while meditating and journaling. Thanks so much. I love that it’s Irish.

Amazing blanket!

Loved this blanket. I got the heaviest one and no regrets. It’s super relaxing and amazing for napping during the day I’ve found!

Kocoono™ Sleep Mask
Kathryn Tracey
An excellent product

I bought a kokoono blanket for my son which he found comforting & calming so I picked up a sleep mask too which he found really good but lost on his travels! I surprised him last week with a replacement as he’s lining abroad & he was delighted to see it. He found it very effective for settling down to sleep.

Gorgeous blanket

I bought the higher end weighted blanket some time ago and I absolutely love it. It’s ready nice to lie under for yoga relaxation and meditation. I suffer from anxiety, low energy and depression and it feels really soothing and nice to pull this over me on the sofa when I’m feeling low and just want to watch tv. Haven’t tried to wash the cover yet but good to have the option.

Kocoono™ Sleep Mask
Louise Mcdonnell
Eye Mask Amazing results

I was surprised at how well this works when I don't use it, I have a restless sleep. Highly recommended! Clients have said it helps with twitching eyes. I have a few of their products! I highly recommend 👌
Great communication. Nice to get products locally. I know the products are used by many somatic experiencing practitioners working with the nervous system. Excellent thinking and care put into products! 👏

Second blanket purchased

Hi, we had such a great experience with the first kocoona blanket that we bought this bigger one as he got bigger. It is well made and straightforward to take apart/reassemble for cleaning. My son will now reliably sleep through the night after years of worsening night time wakenings and long periods of insomnia. I was sceptical but at my wits end but now I highly recommend.

Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug
Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig
Relaxing and unwinding

The shoulder hug is very relaxing and helps me unwind at the end of the day.

Thank you for the lovely review and delighted you are finding your shoulder hug relaxing :)

Kocoono Christmas Bundle 1

Adult daughter loves it, great purchase.

Very happy that your Kocoono gift was so well received!! :)

Eye mask

Absolutely fantastic! Five stars!

Thank you for letting us know Eoin, wishing you plenty more restful zzzz's :)

Improved the whole households sleep!

My 10 year old sons sleeping habits and by extension ours was transformed by this blanket. His frequent nighttime wakings even when exhausted was disturbing him and the rest of the family. From the first night he slept better, telling me in the morning “I still woke up a few times but was able to go back to sleep”. Normally he would wake up and be fully alert and couldn’t settle himself. This blanket has been brought this on holidays with us and is still so soft and comfortable after washing. We wouldn’t be without it, I already bought another one to be sure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how your son (and the family) have benefited from your Kocoono Blanket. So happy to read this and that it makes such a difference, it really helps us to keep doing what we are doing! :)

Excellent product I bought this for client use however I have found it very helpful to help self regulate.
Excellent communication.
Fast delivery.
Highly recommended

I bought this for my daughter who loved it immediately!! Seems to be helping her sleep already. Thank you X

Excellent quality product and better sleep

I purchased a Kocoono luxe blanket a while ago and I'm delighted with the quality and health benefits. It's still like new after several washes (it's machine washable - a bonus!), really comfortable and has definitely improved my sleep. I've since bought an eye mask and will be buying a Kocoono as a gift for a family member. A well deserved 5 stars!

Excellent service

Very happy with the products I purchased and the quick delivery

Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug
Madeleine Drew-Byrne
Beautiful smugness

I have to date bought the shoulder hug, the eye pad
and 2 weighted blankets. All products are amazing and I can verify they work!! I have shoulder and neck issues and the shoulder hug “the business”

Lovely blanket and excellent quality. Would recommend

Kocoono™ Cover
Evelyn Farrelly
Kocoono blanket cover

I love my Kokoona blanket. I have the hug version. I think that the 'neck hugs' would benefit from velcro on the weights and cover, to stop weights falling down into outside corner.

Lap blanket

I am beginning to use it now it is definitely relaxing

Thank you

Kocoono Weighted Blanker BASIC

This weighted blanket is far from basic! Absolutely love it, I would highly recommend this investment.. Definitely helps relieve my anxiety and promoting better nights sleep 😴

Love It

Developed back & shoulder problems this year and find my shoulder hug eases the tension on my shoulders. Bought the eye mask as a Christmas pressie & my friend loves that product too. Well done Kocoono & I wish you continued success Emer.

Weighted Blanket

I suffer from pain and insomnia and was very skeptical about buying the weighted blanket but on recommendation I went ahead and bought it. I received it very quickly and started to use it straight away (I did no build up use ) I feel it is helping me sleep better but I was also prescribed pain relief for pain around the time I got blanket and I am also going for physiotherapy so I cannot give a fair and honest opinion that it is the blanket alone that is helping me sleep better but what I will say is I am still using it and I will continue to use it and I have no regrets buying it because I do believe it is definitely contributing to me sleeping that bit better than I was. Thank you Emer 😊

Great nights sleep

I bought the blanket as I wanted to improve my sleep quality and knew of the power of being grounded to have deep sleep. Since I am using the blanket, my sleep has been very deep, not waking up in the middle of the night and overall feel more rested. Recommend to everyone

Great for on the go

I got this as a taster before going for a blanket, the eye mask is actually my favourite and I bring it everywhere as I stay over when I’m in work so this was a very handy option for me and for
Anyone in a travel type situation the shoulder hug I’m less inclined to bring from place to place and like to put it on my chest before bed which is really nice but I think I would Like it to be a bit heavier. The materials are really nice and soft I haven’t tried washing either yet but I don’t expect that to be a problem.

Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE
Donna Mae Englaterra
I love it!

Bought the Luxe Blanket about two years ago for my restless legs and eversince then I can never sleep without it. It helps me calm down after a busy day.