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I bought weighted blanket for my friend and she absolutely loves it.

This product made a difference!

My adult niece with learning disabilities is sleeping through the night since using her blanket...thanks so much!

Cotton on to Kocoono!

The cotton cover for my Deluxe blanket is just the job for those warmer nights when I need the weight but with a lighter cover option. It's a quality product that does the job for me. Well done all at Kocoono!

Amazing Service

My son is thrilled with his deluxe blanket. But the service I got from the team was amazing. The support, the advice the help I got is absolutely commendable. Thrilled to buy from an Irish company. Quality of product is beautiful. Reason for purchase was an anxious child. Has made a big difference.

Supreme comfort!

I use it on the couch but sometimes end up drifting off anyway 😂

Kocooned with comfort and a hug

Let me start by saying I’m a granny, I noticed that one of my healthy, athletic 10 year old grandson found it difficult to go to sleep, I expected it was because he was away from home. I asked his mum about it, she confirmed he had a problem going to sleep.
In short I gave him a gift of your Weighted Blanket. The feedback he gave me delighted my heart “I love it, it stops me from turning and twisting in bed and I can go to sleep” he told me, he cuddles himself in the Blanket “its good the weight stops me turning” he said.
I’m a granny, I love to give hugs. Your Weighted Blanked Kocooned my grandson with the comfort and hug he needs to go to asleep.

Thank you for your healing work

Kocoono laptop

What a difference this makes to sitting for a while . Keeps the thighs warm yet not overheated and relaxes the muscles making it so much easier to get up. Thanks so much, kocoono, for once again solving my leg problems and letting me have a wonderful restful sleep. I recommend your products 100%.
Henrietta Somervell

Weighted Blanket Luxe

Great product, very well made, really grounds you when you sleep and reduces the amout of time spent tossing and turning in the bed. Gives you a reason to go to bed and reduces your excessive thought process while you sleep. Would highly recommend if you are currently not sleeping sonudly.

Even better

I loved my original weighted blanket but it is even better with the cotton cover. The new cover is soft and cooling. Would highly recommend for the best sleep ever!

Shoulder hug/leg hug

I love the shoulder hug, its so comforting. I also put it across my legs at night if I'm a bit restless. It works

Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug
Michael McNamara

Fantastic to have wrapped around me when I’m reading or else sitting at my computer working and those stressful emails start rolling in 😄

Helped our 11 year old daughter fall asleep

We bought the Kocoono for my 11 year old daughter who had difficulty falling asleep. We are very happy with the product as she falls asleep more easily now. Highly recommend.

Best buy ever!!!

I find my blanket really helps me relax and aids my sleep when I'm anxious and over tired. Thank you.


I bought the weighted blanket as a present for my wife and she absolutely loves it. She’s sleeping like a baby!

My blanket was stolen!!!

I bought a blanket for myself, OMG, I just love it, so comfy, my daughter tried it, fell in love with in....and won't return it!! Luckily I also purchased a blanket for my I justtook his, reclaimed it for myself...back to fab nights sleep again 😴.

Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE
Mícheál Ó Máirtín

I got the blanket for my daughter. She loves it.

Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug
Evelyn Farrelly
Shoulder hug

I purchased three shoulder hugs as presents 🎁. I am waiting to hear how my friends got on!

Present given to family members

So far they love them. One of them found the weight too much and took out some of the weights and also since using it her sleep has improved. Hopefully this will keep getting better. The other member is very happy with the full weight of 7kg. so its different strokes for different folks

Sleep problems solved

Hardly any instances of restless legs, and sleep now restful. Very little trouble getting up without feeling stiff. So glad I bought the blanket and thank you Emer for inventing it.

Practically perfect in every way !

This was a gift for my teenage daughter who finds it hard to get to sleep at night. The blanket has completely changed that. I actually can’t believe that it works ! It’s expensive and I hoped that it would be worth it, it certainly is ! Well done !

Worth it !

I love it . Quality very nice , definitely waking up less during the night since I started using it .

Weighted Blanket

Hi. I bought the weighted blanket a few months ago. I love the feeling of security it brings. Thanks for your time and good advice on buying the De Luxe version. I wish you well with your business. Marie

Tldr: Great product, great people. Highly recommend.

For reference I'm 180cm tall and 100kg. Almost perfect length when I'm lying flat. I bought the heaviest weight and it's ideal. I like the 'shoulder hug' design for when I'm sitting up in bed, I can use it as a back rest to prop myself up and have the edges over my shoulders to be cozy. I also like being able to tailor the weight by removing the bands if I feel I need a change.

I asked a few questions on the chat before buying. Everyone was lovely and made sure to answer my questions thoroughly.

The quality is fantastic. Rich thick cotton on one side and minky on the other. The minky is almost the exact same texture as a Shi Tzu with a close shave *weirdly specific but definitely accurate*

I'm delighted with my purchase and happy to be able to support a small Irish business.

Weighted Eye pillow

I like the feeling of pressure on my eyes. I use it after lunch for 10 minutes while I have a quick rest.

Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE