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I love my Kocoono blanket

I love my Kocoono blanket and can't imagine being without it.
It's so comforting and I especially love it for Shavasana in yoga practice.
Everyone should have one.
Thanks so much

Love, love, love!!

I’m obsessed with my weighted blanket. As well as helping me sleep, it’s so fantastic for when I get sensory overload. It’s one of my favourite things, I’m using it right now!
Along with that, I had a little confusion over the weight and had to change my order a day after it was placed and I had no trouble at all! The customer service was amazing and so helpful💕

Perfect gift

Ordered this for my elderly mother and it arrived the very next day.

She is sleeping much more soundly now and loves the luxurious feel of the blanket.
We all need a Kocoono in our lives .

Kocoono luxe

Great product ,very nice materials would highly recommend , I bought one and they came back and bought another for my gf . She was delighted

Too good to be true absolutely AMAZING

I contacted Emer via email to see if the Kocoono weighted blanketed would be suitable for my 88yr old dad who had several issues with sleep.
Restless leg, anxiety, nightmares and grief after the loss of my mother his best friend and wife of 60 years.
I really knew I was asking for a lot a miracle really but when I tell you it has been worth every single cent. My dad is so much better at nighttime and even looks forward to his sleep now it has been such a game changer.
Emer reminded me that there was a 100 day return option so its a win win but it was such a beautiful luxurious blanket that if it didn’t work for my dad I was going to keep it myself.
It’s a beautiful product, Emer is a beautiful helpful person and it’s all Irish ☘️ don’t hesitate just buy it..

Slumber Deep

I am delighted to have purchased the Kocoono De Luxe Blanket and it has made going to bed a pleasure and not a fear for the last ten years I slept on the couch as the bedroom had become a torture chamber as I have bipolar disorder and sleep has always being a struggle and having worked Nights for 18 years as Health Care assistant I gave up the nights 4years ago but sleep for still bad lights on all night and reading till the wee hours .Two months ago I got this blanket and am sleeping nso well not panicking when I get under my Koconna instantly relaxes me and fall of to sleep without all the twisting and turning wake refreshed I also sent of for the eye mask and pillow and they are the icing on the Koconna I use the pillow to relax when lounging on the couch so good for relaxing

Great eye mask!

Great at blocking out the light. It can leave a bit of a pressure mark on the nose but goes away quickly. Definitely worth it and helping my sleep!! Couldn't be without it now!

Excellent quality. Highly recommended

Wonderful Blanket, Wonderful Irish Company

Wonderful product ! Love it.
Recommend to anyone thinking about it, and its a great bonus to be supporting an Irish Company.
Well done Koccono

weighted eye mask

Best eye mask for relaxation ever
Absolutely love it

Excellent gift

Love the weighted blanket - real luxurious comfort. It is really ideal for lockdown in winter but I think Inwill enjoy it all the year. Great for tired muscles also

Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket BASIC

Best purchase ever!

I bought my Weighted Blanket about a year ago now and I can honestly say that it single handedly fixed all my sleeping problems. I don't say that lightly either, I've had insomnia since I was 14 years old and I've tried every single tablet, remedy or suggestion that's ever been offered to me. Nothing ever worked and I'd kind of become resigned to the fact that I was never going to sleep a full night or be well rested. For the first few days after I got the Weighted Blanket I was cautiously optimistic, I wanted to wait and see if the effects were lasting - I had plenty things in the past work for a few days and then lose their effectiveness. But here I am now a year later and I don't have insomnia anymore and I can nearly count on one hand the number of bad nights sleep I've had since then. I miss it so much when I sleep in anyone else's house, and my friends are probably sick to death of me singing it's praises at this point 😂 All I can say is this product 100% worked for me, I would recommend it to anyone. Also its seriously cosy and the soft fleece lining hasn't worn one bit in the time I've had it! Absolutely class product!

Love this product

I’m a terrible sleeper. I wouldn’t want to say insomniac, but I find getting to sleep, staying asleep, and having uninterrupted sleep extremely difficult. And the weighted blanket has been a huge help. It hasn’t quite been the cure-all solution I was hoping it would be, but it has definitely helped massively. It instantly relaxes me when I get under it at night.

my daughter is fully enjoying it.

Excellent in all aspects

Easy order process, fast delivery, quick responses from Cocoon customer service form the friendliest of staff. The blanket is of the highest quality and this is an Irish company. What is not to utterly love! My purchase was a gift to someone else, am looking forward to treating myself to a Cocoon blanket soon :)

Pure relaxation

I bought my weighted blanket a few weeks ago and love it. I do Crossfit and at least one part of my body has sore muscles at all times - I don’t know if it’s the weight of the blanket or that it helps my muscles completely relax at night but I’ve found a huge change in recovery time since I’ve started using it. Great buy!

Love it, my body relaxes quicker

Love it, my body relaxes quicker I use it in bed at night, or while meditating/ disconnecting from the stresses of life

It's so soft

I sleep with it most nights and have Better quality sleep

Lovely soft material

Instant calmness, stops me fidgeting and stops me reaching for phone/devices

I can't be without it now!

I'm not exaggerating when I say that it has made a massive difference. I barely ever have trouble sleeping anymore and I had tried literally everything to help my insomnia, I can't be without it now!

It helps me sleep on many nights when pregnancy makes it difficult

My blanket helps me sleep on many nights when pregnancy makes it difficult. And instead of having to wake up every hour or two to use the bathroom I’m able to sleep peacefully for 3-4 hours at a time.

beautiful blankets for my Beauty Salon

I have one of your beautiful blankets for my Beauty Salon. The best thing I have ever added to my treatments. My clients just love it. It’s so relaxing and calming for them during facial treatments and send them off to sleep.
The Quality and Luxury of it is second to none. I love having a chill out under it myself when I have my break.
It’s so lovely to see a young Irish entrepreneur like yourself specializing in such a much needed product.
Continued success
5 stars all the way
Highly recommend
Yvonne Dowling House of Beauty

It is so warm and comfy and feels as if someone is hugging you

I love the blanket wrapped around me. I fall asleep within 20 minutes now of using the blanket and before I got the blanket I was awake for hours before I fall asleep.

Love it!

It's a beautiful product.