How to Have a Restful Sleep During the Busy Christmas Season

Are you Struggling to Sleep during the Christmas build up? The intensity of preparation this season has put many through sleepless nights because they are either too busy to sleep or find it difficult to sleep. If you are going through a tough time having a good night’s rest, we are here to help you with practical solutions. 


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7 Wellness Valentine's day Gift Ideas for Her & for Him!
Over the past few years we've had our loved ones deserve to be rewarded with some great wellness gifts this Valentine's Day 💖 Surprise your Loved Ones and give the gift of a hug and quality Sleep with Kocoono! Need inspiration? Read more to get some good Valentine's day gift ideas for your other half, for your loved ones or even for your co-workers!
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Do Kocoono Weighted Blankets Help you to sleep?
Yes, they do. Kocoono Weighted Blankets can help you sleep if you combine them with sleep hygiene routines. Insomnia affects between 10-20% of the general population at any one time."Why can't I sleep?" you might ask yourself! Find the main reasons here & check out the 6 Ways Kocoono weighted blankets can help you sleep better!
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6 Top Benefits of Cold Water Therapy. Alternatives to Wim Hof Method.
Wim Hof Method is based on exposing your body to cold temperatures. Cold therapy has many health benefits, from improving sleep, speeding up recovery after physical exercise, enhancing focus, and boosting your immune response.
You can practice Wim Hof Method in Ireland and the UK by swimming in our Atlantic Ocean. Check out this blog to learn more and find cold therapy alternatives!
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