Do Kocoono Weighted Blankets Help you to sleep?

Do Kocoono Weighted Blankets Help you to sleep?

Yes, they certainly do. Kocoono Weighted Blankets can help you sleep by naturally relaxing your body, we also recommend that you combine them with good and consistent sleep hygiene routines.

"Why can't I sleep?" you might ask yourself

Many factors may be stealing your sleep: anxiety, lack of melatonin due to the exposure of blue light from screens, poor sleep hygiene, insomnia or particular health conditions such as fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, depression, overactive nervous system, post traumatic stress disorder, to name a few. These are among the most common causes that affect your quality of sleep. You can check our blog Why I sleep can't to find these causes and some natural ways to combat them.

Weighted Blankets have become the new "must-have" in many Irish and UK homes. Many people buy a Weighted Blanket to sleep better and calm their anxiety. You probably heard them referenced as "Gravity Blanket", "Anxiety blanket", "Calming blanket", or "Sensory Blankets". Do they really work? Keep reading, and we will explain to you how a Kocoono Weighted Blanket works and how it can help you catch up on some shut-eye!

How do Kocoono Weighted Blankets work? 

The Kocoono Weighted Blanket concept is based on Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that mimics a HUG & provides the same calming benefits. It can be used as a grounding technique for anxiety, as it helps to gain a sense of control. If we look up the term Gravity : "the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass" we can understand why this is a popular term to refer to weighted blankets! Noticing the pressure of a Kocoono weighted blanket and how it feels against your body can help you connect with the "earth", be mindful of the present and less focused on your anxious thoughts. 

Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE has an exclusive integrated shoulder embrace that fits smoothly around the neck and applies gentle pressure from the top, cocooning your body! Literally, like someone hugging you! The weight is distributed in the LUXE version of our Kocoono weighted blanket in 10 channels to ensure even pressure over your body. We are proud of the uniqueness the Kocoono weighted blanket LUXE offers our customers, it is patent pending and the channels ensure it is more versatile as the segmented channels allow the Kocoono weighted blanket to move with you easier and the plumpness allows you to feel so cosy and enjoy rested sleep, without the anxiety!!


6 Ways Kocoono weighted blankets can help you sleep

1. Calms your Nervous System

2. Reduces Cortisol and releases Serotonin

3. Boosts Melatonin

4. Mimics a Hug making you feel cocooned and secured

5. Reduces Anxiety

6. Reduces Restlessness

If you want to learn more about the ways how Kocoono Blanket can help you sleep visit our blog: 6 Ways a Kocoono Weighted Blanket Can Help You Sleep



6 ways Kocoono Weighted Blankets can help you sleep



Don't miss out on what our customers are saying about Kocoono in our reviews

Kocoono has helped hundreds of people sleep better, calm anxiety, and ease Restless Legs symptoms across Ireland and the UK!

Kocoono is designed to be used in bed, but many people use it on the sofa, like Siobhan from Glasgow, who has the Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE 7kg and loves to use it with her children on the sofa to relax herself and her family before sleep! 

Here are some stories of how Kocoono improved their sleep.

"I used to be a restless sleeper and my weighted blanket helps me settle much faster at night. I'm enjoying my Kocoono Luxe so much that I've now ordered the Shoulder Hug and eye pillow. Beautiful product!" LOUISE

"My little grandson finds it excellent for his anxiety and restlessness when going to sleep. I would recommend it to anyone with a child who suffers from restless nights and waking up during the night." MAURA.

"I was always tossing and turning at night, and this coupled with the menopause meant interrupted sleep throughout the night. Not anymore as the Kocoono weighted blanket has put a stop to all that. I still awaken a couple of times at night but drift off again within 5 minutes." AYLISH.

"I bought a 9kg weighted LUXE blanket for my husband who has difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep and feeling rested after waking. This blanket is a game changer. He goes to sleep quickly. Moves around less (a bonus for me) and wakes rested" LILY

"I recently bought my second Kocoono Weighted Luxe Blanket. My original one is at home while I am staying elsewhere and I noticed the difference so much that I had to get a second one! I am a long-time insomniac and have tried everything and anything to get a good night’s sleep. Even if I wake up I can get back asleep without hours of twisting and turningEOBHAN

Other benefits of Kocoono Weighted Blanket 

The Kocoono Weighted Blanket can provide benefits in many different situations. They can help not only to sleep better but also  alleviate symptoms of AnxietyRestless leg syndrome, Sensory overload, Fibromyalgia, Autism , Alzheimers and Menopause among others. 

Link to the conditions above to learn more how Kocoono Weighted Blankets can help with them and what is the best way to use them for that condition. You can also visit or blog What Weighted Blankets can help with?

Fall in love with sleep again 

Our mission at Kocoono is to help you fall in love with sleep again with "Irish designed", "crafted with love", "produced ethically and sustainably in Europe", "quality products". Your support is what makes this possible. Blogs are a crucial way for us to explain to you how our products work. Thank you for reading our blog today, and don't hesitate to contact us for any little question you might have and leave your comments below if there is something you would like to add! We will be happy to hear from you! We wish you and your family more relaxing days ahead! Send us an email at


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