Kocoono™ Instant Relaxation Bundle

Minky Turquoise & Navy
Minky Grey & Peach

Expected delivery within Ireland is 2-4 business working days. 

Feeling stressed? Long days at work? Tension in your head, body and mind? Do you need to reset yourself during your breaks at work? The Kocoono™ Instant Relaxation Bundle is the best stress-relief and mind recharge bundle!

Using the power of Pressure Therapy, the Kocoono™ Instant Relaxation Bundle, which contains the Kocoono Lappad and Weighted Eye Pillow, will instantly calm your body and mind.

By buying both products together you will be saving +12% off + FREE SHIPPING!

How can you benefit from this Relaxation bundle?

  • Ideal to use before sleeping to release the stresses of your day and get the calm your body needs to fall into a deep sleep.
  • It is also ideal to use for the afternoon slump or in your breaks at work!

How to use it? 

  • Lie down with the eye pillow over your forehead and the lappad on your lap... close the eyes for 10 minutes. You will have the little boost you need to keep up with the day!

What does the Kocoono™ Full Body Relaxation Bundle contain?

1. Kocoono Weighted Lappad

  • Relaxes your body by applying pressure therapy on your lap
  • Helps you focus on the task at hand (ideal to use while working at the desk, scribing or colouring!) 
  • Helps with sensory overload
  • Eases tension in your legs or wherever you choose to place it 
  • Customisable - Add or remove any of the three inner weighted bands to adjust to our body and how you feel
  • It provides the benefits of a Kocoono Weighted Blanket but is smaller & easy to carry around!

    2. Kocoono™ Eye Pillow

    • Relieves Head & Eye Tension
    • Reduces Visual Overload after Screen Time
    • Ideal after your yoga or meditation session.

    Free Shipping to Ireland and the UK

    We ship Kocoono™ worldwide - delivery times vary based on country of order. 

    Shipping is added at checkout and expected delivery within Ireland is 2-4 business working days. 

    It is typically recommended that a weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight.

    - The 5kg option is suitable if you weigh 50kg - 70Kg (8 - 11 stone)

    - The 7kg option is suitable if you weigh 70kg - 90 Kg (11 - 14stone)

    - The 9kg is suitable if you weigh 90kg+ (14 stone +)


    of our blankets measure 110 x 195 cm ~ designed to fit your body, not
    the bed, as you specifically want the Kocoono™ to "cocoon" you (hence
    the name) and with our current sizing this concentrates the weight best
    on your body so you experience the most benefits.

    The removable cover :

    The Kocoono LUXE has two fabrics to choose from

    1. Super soft Minky on the outer side + 100% breathable cotton on the bottom side or

    2. Luxury textured Velvet on the outer side + 100% cotton on the bottom side.

    The Inner Blanket

    -11 removable Weighted bands with 100% cotton shell to regulate your temperature.

    Weighted with glass beads that mould to your body and apply weight to
    the pressure points across your body to help keep you cool and calm.

    - Includes polyfill which ensures you feel nice and snug and adds to the cosiness. 

    - We also use silicone balls to 'plump' these up to create a cosy feeling.

    Note: Colours may vary from images shown. We can have fluctuation in colour shades based on the dye used in the fabric.

    * Kocoono uses premium fabrics from European providers.

    ** All Kocoono™ products are proudly designed in Ireland and ethically produced in Europe.

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