Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1
Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1

Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1

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Introduce yourself and your loved ones to Well-being and Mental Health this Christmas and get 2022 to a good start!

The Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1 is one of the most complete Wellness bundles you will find!

By buying all three products together you will be saving 15% off + FREE SHIPPING! 

**Offer valid until 19th December or while stocks last! **

What does the Kocoono™ Christmas Bundle 1 contain?

1. Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE

  • Improves sleep naturally
  • Relaxes your body
  • Increases focus
  • Decreases twisting and turning all night
  • Makes You Feel instantly relaxed

2. Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug
  • Relieves Shoulder Tension
  • Gives you the Feeling of a Hug
  • Helps You Focus

3. Kocoono™ Eye Pillow

  • Relieves Head & Eye Tension
  • Reduces Visual Overload after Screen Time
  • Ideal after your yoga or meditation session

Choose different weight and colour combinations! 
  • You can select three different weights for your Kocoono Blanket (5kg, 7kg, 9kg)
  • You can also choose your Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket in our 2 available colours: Minky Turquoise & Navy Cotton or Minky Grey & Peach Cotton!
  • Both, Kocoono Shoulder hug and Kocoono Eye pillow have to be chosen in the same colour. Select both in Minky Turquoise & Navy or Minky Grey & Peach!

EU Weight Guidelines

Blanket Weight 5kg 7kg 9kg
Person weight 50kg 70kg 90kg

US Weight Guidelines

Blanket Weight 11lbs 15lbs 20lbs
Person weight 110lbs 150lbs 200lbs

       - Delivered to your door within 1-2 working days in Ireland UK

      - Enjoy Free Delivery if your order is over €100 within Ireland and The UK

      Customer Reviews

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      Mimics A Hug

      Kocoono™ Weighted Blankets act as a self soothing tool improving quality sleep, mood and relaxation, which in turn can have other overall health benefits. Kocoono LUXE has a neck cut out design that allows the Blanket to fit smoothly around your neck, wrapping your body from the top. The neck cut out allows your Kocoono to move with you. You will feel embraced and comforted all night long!

      Cuddle Me to Sleep

      Calms Your Nervous System

      The evenly distributed pressure across the Kocoono switches off the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) reducing cortisol levels associated with stress & instead stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The activation of the PNS makes you feel embraced, relaxd & comforted with increased levels of serotonin while reducing your Stress & Anxiety.

      Calm Me Please


      The Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE is patented and has a shoulder embrace specific to relieve neck and shoulder tension. It allows the deep touch pressure to come up around your shoulder area which also makes them feel hugged and safe. Kocoono LUXE has 10 inner Kocoono weighted bands and you can remove some of them if you don't want the pressure in certain areas.

      Kocoono Luxe VS Basic

      Don't take our word for it

      I bought the Kocoono weight blanket some months back and I can definitely say that it has helped my insomnia, pain and anxiety. Thank you Emer for this wonderful invention and I wish you continued success with your business.

      Mary O Sullivan

      I bought the blanket as I wanted to improve my sleep quality and knew of the power of being grounded to have deep sleep. Since I am using the blanket, my sleep has been very deep, not waking up in the middle of the night and overall feel more rested. Recommend to everyone

      - Linda Culleton

      Amazing Service

      My son is thrilled with his deluxe blanket. But the service I got from the team was amazing. The support, the advice the help I got is absolutely commendable. Thrilled to buy from an Irish company. Quality of product is beautiful. Reason for purchase was an anxious child. Has made a big difference.

      Deirdre Keher