Can't Sleep Away from Home? 6 tips for a good night’s sleep away from home
Are you planning to go for a holiday away from Ireland, visit local Irish spots or have a business trip soon? If you struggle to sleep during your first night staying away from home, you are not alone. Many people experience this, and there is a scientific explanation! Research suggests that the parts of the brain do not go into "sleep mode" in a new environment as we are in an alert mode. We don't feel the security and warmth of our home, and our body and mind can't switch off 100%. Good news! Using a Kocoono weighted blanket and following some tips can help you with this! Learn more here!
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6 Top Benefits of Cold Water Therapy. Alternatives to Wim Hof Method.
Wim Hof Method is based on exposing your body to cold temperatures. Cold therapy has many health benefits, from improving sleep, speeding up recovery after physical exercise, enhancing focus, and boosting your immune response.
You can practice Wim Hof Method in Ireland and the UK by swimming in our Atlantic Ocean. Check out this blog to learn more and find cold therapy alternatives!
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