Designing Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket since 2011

Designing Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket since 2011

As I promised in the blog The day I nearly collapsed on the bus!!! (Where I told you how I started my journey of helping people to fall in love with sleep again), here is the second part where I reveal to you how I started designing Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket in 2011!


A beautiful journey enhanced by your feedback 

Weighted blankets were born out of a need to support people to sleep better, naturally. I am a personal testament to their effectiveness and I really want people to be able to benefit as much as I have. That is why I never stopped listening to you & have improved the model. Thanks to all your opinions & feedback Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket is an improved version from the original in 2011.

Due to the different needs and demands, we also recently launched another version of our Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket:  The 'Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Basic. With this model you can still experience the benefits of the Deep Touch Pressure Therapy without the customisation. 


Back to 2011: Manufacturing in my sister's bedroom

Like most good ideas, they start on paper and mine was no different!! We made iteration after iteration of Kocoono™. User testing all the way along and we are so proud of the product we have now.

 We set up manufacturing in my sisters bedroom. This Kocoono™ was okay....although I was never crazy about it, so the design process continued.

We turned the pool table into an area for cutting and measuring and we made this blanket cozier with polyfil but inserting all the weights within the one main blanket meant there would be issues washing it (most washing machines couldn’t take the heavy load)

Lets make Kocoono™ customisable

Now we are talking customisation. We wanted Kocoono™ to be customisable. It is designed to be 10% of a persons body weight so we wanted it to “grow with a child”, instead of having to buy a new blanket each time the child grows. For adults, we wanted to have the option of customisation so you can put extra weights where you are feeling tension most and remove the weights where you may not appreciate the deep touch pressure. 

We use glass beads as the weighting material which is also friendly on the environment. Look how small the beads are!! Our removable weights allow you to also put one in a freezer if you want to be kept cool at night, just reinsert it back into the blanket before you go to bed! This option is great for sports injuries too! We’re very multifunctional at Kocoono™.

And then the shoulder embrace was born!

This allows weight and deep pressure to stimulate your shoulder area, as oftentimes, this is the most area where you feel tension in the body! Ever hear of the saying “Take the weight of the world off your shoulders”. Well Kocoono™ got your back...or shoulders rather, lol!

Why turquoise? 

Then dimensions and colour selection happened thanks to everyone who helped out with our market research!! We settled on a gorgeous turquoise and navy combination and a beautiful peach and grey.

Lawdy we asked sooo many people for feedback on this! Everyone loved the turquoise as it reminded them of the sea and calmness and the grey and peach combination was to suit ALOT of peoples home decor so there's something to suit everyone, so thanks again to all the people that supported with this selection!! 


And finally.....the final masterpiece!

Finally all the pieces, all the prototyping, all the different colour selection, design iterations all came together for a final masterpiece!

Here is me, loving life and holding on to my Kocoono™ for dear has been in the making since 2011 ;)

Warning: Buying a Kocoono™ may result in some attachment issues with said Kocoono™, you heard it here first!!! ;) 

 A new design for 2020: Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket BASIC


Since launching last year we have had customers asking for the same benefits as the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Luxe just with less features, over the last few months we went back to the drawing board and created Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Basic.

This new design  is a simpler and less adaptable weighted blanket but still designed to provide you with the same benefits as Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Luxe

It has simplicity at its core while keeping the same benefits as Kocoono™ Luxe using Deep Touch Pressure to reduce the stresses of life .

With its simple design it loses some of the unique features of the Kocoono™ Luxe. The Kocoono™ Basic does not have the same shoulder embrace or customisable weighted strips as Kocoono™ Luxe and as such retails at a reduced price point, as you can imagine customisation increases labour time and cost significantly so we want our customers to have access to quality sleep whatever the budget!

Choose the  Kocoono™ design that fulfil your needs

I know many of our customers adore the Kocoono™ Luxe with the ability to customise and the extra 'plumpness' when snuggling down on the couch so we kept the colours and quality of fabric and manufacturing to the same high standard when creating the Kocoono™ Basic weighted blanket and just simplified the design, variety is the spice of life and we hope you make the right choice for you!!! 💙

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  • Maureen Doran

    Do you have blanket covers available? What size is the Lux blanket please? Is it easily washable?

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