Kocoono as seen on the Irish Mirror

Kocoono as seen on the Irish Mirror

Mayo entrepreneur launches revolutionary weighted blanket Kocoono to help poor sleepers get a better night's rest

Psychology graduate Emer explained how she became interested in developing the special sleep aid Kocoono after working with autistic children

A young Co Mayo entrepreneur is launching a revolutionary weighted blanket to help poor sleepers to get a better night's rest.

Emer Flannery, 30, who is from Belmullet and who lives in Galway, came up with the idea of a customizable weighted blanket to aid sleep and relaxation and promote better mental health.

She says the Kocoono blanket "stimulates pressure points to enable the user to relax by reducing stress and anxiety felt in the body and lends itself to induced relaxation, a sense of calmness and better quality sleep."

The blanket is ethically made in Europe and contains 30% upcycled material in the internal layer.

It comes in three weights, 5kg, 7kg and 9kg, with the weight distributed evenly across the body through a series of weighted removable strips.


This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from sports injuries or women experiencing hot flushes during the menopause.

Psychology graduate Emer explained how she became interested in developing the special sleep aid after working with autistic children.

She explained: "I first came across the concept of a weighted blanket when I worked with children with autism in 2011. A mother told me how her child benefited from the use of a weighted blanket at home, it had a calming effect when the child was felling agitated or anxious."

"The child was having issues sitting down in school so I gathered the materials and manufactured a weighted lap-pad for his use in school.

Kocoono blanket 

"From this experience I developed my first Kocoono for personal use. My experience of using the blanket has led me to develop Kocoono into a commercial product for use as a sleep aid.

"Personally, Kocoono has made a huge difference to my own quality of sleep and because of this I want to bring it to a wider audience and support others to fall asleep easier, naturally”.

Kocoono is launching on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter today and early bird prices start at €185.

More information can be found at kocoono.com.


By Edel Hughes

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