Why are Kocoono blankets more expensive than other brands in the Market?

Why are Kocoono blankets more expensive than other brands in the Market?

Some of you have asked why Kocoono Blankets are more expensive than other brands in the market. We created this blog to explain the reasons behind our prices, why we chose to produce in Europe, and in this way, you can learn a bit more about us and our values.

We hope they align with your own values too! 


1. Designed in Ireland

All Kocoono products were designed and prototyped in Ireland. We know exactly the hours of work that goes into each one and it is huge, and we understand the complexities that go into the production.

We have created the Kocoono design that will grow with you so you still have your Kocoono on hand for years to come!


2. Ethically produced in Europe

We produce all our products ethically in Europe, they are handmade and our manufacturers receive a fair wage. We pay for premium fabric from all our fabric suppliers across the EU with production occurring in the EU (this is also beneficial for the Irish economy and we sustainably produce each Kocoono weighted blanket, reducing cut-offs and environmental impact without excess travel).

3. Use of premium fabrics 

We use premium fabrics and we have small family-run manufacturers that make our Kocoono weighted blankets, eye masks and other products. They are our design and are not "off the shelf’. Our production is a lifeline for their business and they have managed to expand since starting production for Kocoono, so each customer is also benefiting these manufacturers amongst all the other businesses we use in Ireland and the EU for our supply chain and logistics.

4. Unique in design: patent-pending

The Kocoono LUXE is patent pending and is unique in design and function. We have had customers that have bought other blankets previously and have noticed a difference in quality and comfort. It is the only customisable weighted blanket in the market: You can add or remove the inner weights which allow for customisation and is versatile as is gently cocoons the body with the segmented weights, there is also an integrated neck cut out that allows the weighted pressure to come up around the shoulder area without bunching at the neck. We use an inner polyfil to plump up the Kocoono weighted blanket so this resembles being “hugged by a cloud” as one customer put it. You will 100% notice a difference in our Kocoono™ products and for this we are proud.

Kocoono is the only customisable weighted blanket in the Market

5. People's well-being is at the heart of our business

We are a Wellness Company and one of our core values is that people's well-being is at the heart of our business, from the people on the floor producing the product to the people packaging it and getting it ready for delivery, we know everyone is receiving a fair wage and are treated well in their work. For this reason, we decided not to produce in China where we would have no idea regarding the ethical viability of our production and supply chain. Sadly we know that producing products in China gives people a false sense of cost and affordability, for the above reasons we decided not to produce there. We know that sending production away to the far east is detrimental for our economy and for future generations so for as long as we can maintain it we will continue our production in Europe and support our neighbouring countries in the textile trade and our own.

We are always looking for ways to enhance the production line and reduce costs so we can then give back to our customers however we do not want to compromise on our values.

 I hope the above gives an understanding of price variations. We value every customer that chooses to shop with us and we know our Kocoono™ weighted blankets and other products are bringing a deep sleep, comfort and joy to both our customers and our producers!


Go raith maith agat 

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