Thoughtful Christmas Gift for Your Loved Ones Dealing With Anxiety

Thoughtful Christmas Gift for Your Loved Ones Dealing With Anxiety

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year because that's usually the one time you have all your loved ones together in one place. Although it is the most beautiful and happiest time of the year, there is usually a rise in anxiety due to the intensity of preparation needed for a perfect Christmas. 

During every Christmas celebration, people are busy with decorations, food, gift buying, wrapping, completing work deadlines and many other activities that cause stress. While some can deal with this stress, others can't, to the point it turns to anxiety. 

Anxiety is usually a psychological response to stress, so a thoughtful gift for your loved one to help ease this stress, reduce anxiety and improve their overall well-being will be very much appreciated. This gift will matter much to them as they begin the new year on a clean slate. 

Kocoono is here to help you with thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones dealing with anxiety and I will describe how this can help them. Before I let you in on these gift ideas, let's talk more about anxiety, its common causes, and how it affects the lives of individuals dealing with it. 


What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is a state of intense fear, worry, and uneasiness. Most times, this usually happens after a trigger, but you could also find that on rare occasions, anxiety happens without a trigger. The intensity of anxiety could be minimal, moderate, or severe to the extent it affects the daily lives of individuals. When you find that the level of anxiety in a person is severe, it is usually associated with other behavioral/mental conditions such as: 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): A mental health condition characterized by severe anxiety, racing thoughts, and flashbacks usually triggered by a terrifying event, either experiencing it or witnessing it. 
  • Specific phobias: Having persistent fear/ anxiety in the presence or anticipation of a particular thing or event. 
  • Panic disorder: Having recurrent anxiety attacks involving a great degree of intense fear, worry, and excessive concern about having more panic attacks. 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder: Having excessive anxiety about a different aspect of your life, such as work, school, relationships, and many others. Generalized anxiety disorder involves - low concentration, low energy, sleeping difficulty, etc. 
  • Social anxiety disorder: Having an excessive fear of embarrassment in any social setting. This could be a conference, public speaking event, or any other social gathering. 



Other medical conditions contribute to anxiety, such as thyroid disorders. When one's thyroid hormones shoot up, their metabolic rate increases which eventually leads to overall anxiety. 

You might be wondering about the factors that cause anxiety, keep reading to find out.

Common causes of anxiety

There is no one particular cause for anxiety, but here are some potential risk factors which include: 

  1. A past traumatic experience
  2. Drug abuse, such as the abuse of opioids
  3. Excessive alcohol intake
  4. Medical conditions such as tumors that trigger the excess production of flight or fight hormones and have an impact on overall brain health and functioning. 
  5. A family history of anxiety disorders
  6. A preexisting mental health disorder

Now let’s find out how to identify any of your loved ones dealing with anxiety, so you determine what gift to give. 

How to identify someone dealing with anxiety 


You can tell when someone is dealing with anxiety through these symptoms;

  • Having sleeping difficulty
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Restlessness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Obsessive recurrent thoughts

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas from Kocoono for your loved ones 

  • Kocoono weighted blanket LUXE

  • Our Kocoono weighted blanket LUXE is a customizable blanket that can help relieve stress and ease the body into a state of calm. Every Kocooono weighted blanket works via deep touch pressure therapy but what is unique about the LUXE version is the fact it features customisable removable weighted bands. 

    With these removable weighted bands, you can determine where to place the weights in a way it properly aligns with your body pressure points.

    It is also segmented to keep the glass beads in place, so it doesn’t concentrate only on a particular area of the body. 

    How this can help relieve anxiety: As discussed earlier, anxiety is a physiological stress response, and stress on its own occurs due to the increased production of stress hormones such as cortisol and a reduced production of happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. This eventually affects sleep quality. 

    With deep touch pressure therapy, there will be a reversal of the production of these hormones. When the production of happy hormones is increased, you can be sure that your loved one dealing with anxiety will have an improved quality of sleep.


    Here is a review from Linda Culleton of this product that reflects how this weighted blanket helped improve her sleep quality.

    “I bought the blanket as I wanted to improve my sleep quality and knew of the power of being grounded to have deep sleep. Since I am using the blanket, my sleep has been very deep, not waking up in the middle of the night, and overall feel more rested. Recommend to everyone” 

    Here is another one from Mary O’Grady that states how the weighted blanket helped her sleep well when she gets anxious or overworked. 

    “I find my blanket really helps me relax and aids my sleep when I'm anxious and over tired. Thank you.” 

    Conor Cahalane also expressed how he loved this as a Christmas gift from his wife and how this has helped him sleep well. 

    “My wife bought me one for Christmas - I'm now sleeping too well - I don’t want to get up in the morning. Very cozy, my sleep is less broken and I sleep longer” 

    From these reviews, you can see how effective this product is. There is an alternative to our Kocoono weighted blanket LUXE called Kocoono Calming Weighted Blanket BASIC. Find out the differences between these two products here

  • Kocoono Eye mask

  • Our eye mask is made with two material types, cotton on one side and an ultra-soft Minky on the other. These materials make our Kocoono eye mask effective in blocking out light during sleep while providing proper cushion to the eyes. 

    How can this product help relieve anxiety? Christmas is a season for lights, so it’s expected that there will be tons of lights at different places, and you could have an incidence of the lights making their way into the room. For one dealing with anxiety, this eye mask can help block excess light from getting into the eyes while putting the body into a deep state of rest.

    Here is a review from Anna Marie Healy, stating how this eye mask helped her achieve great sleep by blocking out the lights. 

    “Delighted with my new mask it was quickly delivered and is super comfy and blocks out all the light to allow me a great night’s sleep. Thank you, keep up the good work!”

  • Kocoono shoulder hug 

  • Christmas is a very stressful time, and getting something as simple as a shoulder hug, will go a long way in relieving tension from your shoulders. 

    How can this product help relieve anxiety? Kocoono shoulder hug puts your shoulder at ease while still relaxing your body.


    Here is an anonymous review that states how the shoulder hug helped relieve stress from their shoulders, making them feel safe. 

    “Huge. It eases the tension from my shoulders and makes me feel safe and calm.” 

    Another review here from Lyn states that this shoulder hug helped keep her anxiety at bay. 

    “The shoulder hug is comfortable to wear and helps keep my anxiety at bay during work which at times can be very stressful.”

  • Kocoono weighted Eye pillow

  • This is similar to the eye mask, but what makes it different is the fact it weighs more and puts even more pressure on the eyes. 

    How can this product help relieve anxiety? By putting pressure on the eyes, you can help release tension from the body. Here is a perfect blog post to explain how Kocoono weighted blanket can help boost your well-being and relieve anxiety.


    Here is another review from lyn on this product stating - 

    “I am delighted with my weighted eye pillow. I use it during meditation and find it really helps me get into a peaceful relaxed state of mind.”


  • Kocoono customizable weighted lap blanket

  • This is similar to the normal weighted blanket but it is a smaller version and more handy so can be carried around with you. 

    How does this help with anxiety?

    It acts the same way by providing deep touch pressure to your legs, making you feel calm and at ease. Read more ways how this weighted blanket can help you here.  


    A review on this product from Henrietta Somervell states - 

    “What a difference this makes to sitting for a while. Keeps the thighs warm yet not overheated and relaxes the muscles making it so much easier to get up. Thanks so much, Kocoono, for once again solving my leg problems and letting me have a wonderful restful sleep. I recommend your products 100%.”

    Are you thinking of getting the shoulder hug, the Kocoono weighted blanket and the eye pillow/mask for your loved ones, then you should consider these bundles below.  



  • Kocoono cotton cover

    This is a perfect addition if you are thinking of getting the weighted blanket LUXE. This is a good addition as it will help customize your weighted blanket LUXE. Also, this is very helpful during the warmer months where you still want the feel of a weighted blanket.  



    Here is a review from Helen, stating how the cotton cover has helped her during warmer night. 

    “The cotton cover for my Deluxe blanket is just the job for those warmer nights when I need the weight but with a lighter cover option. It's a quality product that does the job for me. Well done all at Kocoono!”

    Fiona D also states here how the cotton cover makes here weighted blanket look even better. 

    “I loved my original weighted blanket but it is even better with the cotton cover. The new cover is soft and cooling. Would highly recommend it for the best sleep ever!”

  • Wellness toolkit

  • This tool kit consists of planners and a tracker that helps you stay organized and on track with your well-being. 

    How does this help with anxiety? Staying organized is one way to help relieve stress and increase focus. So with this tool kit and its features, one with anxiety can gain so much from it. 


  • Gift cards

  • If you are still in doubt about what to get for your loved ones, a gift card is a good gift idea as this will give them the chance to pick for themselves what they want. You can purchase as many as possible.

    How anxiety affects the lives of people?

    Anxiety affects people in million number of ways and some of these ways include:

    • Putting one at risk of heart issues. 
    • Straining and ruining relationships with others 
    • The fear of taking risks and trying new things
    • Having a Feeling isolation  and loneliness  in life. 

    Ways to control anxiety this Christmas season

    The Christmas season is a beautiful one but still very stressful. If you can’t deal with stress, then you should learn to take things easy, and if you know of someone who can't deal with stress but you can, you should try to make things easier for them.

    Here are practical tips you can incorporate daily this Christmas season to help control anxiety:

    • Think positive thoughts
    • Maintain a good morning and night routine
    • Get more of the sun
    • Eat healthy foods 
    • Take breaks 

    Final words 

    Kocoono Products are made with an intention to help individuals optimize their mental health and overall wellbeing. Anxiety is a very common mental health issue every one deals with especially during busy seasons like the Christmas season. Once you invest in our product either for your self or loved one, you are sure to get the best out of it. Have a splendid Christmas. 

    Do you have any questions?

    Are you interested in buying any Kocoono products and have any questions? We love to hear from you! Send us an email at or use our contact form to get in touch. 

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    This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or mental health professional. In combination with your doctors' recommendations or other health care professionals, every little step will help to escape the depression spiral.


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