Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle
Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle
Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle

Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle

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The Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle contains all you need to introduce yourself or your loved ones to Mindfulness.

What does the Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle contain? 

1. Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug

The Kocoono Shouder Hug will help you get the correct position, and it provides pressure therapy over the shoulder area, which brings deep relaxation to your body. You will easily reach the meditative state!

2. Kocoono™ Eye Mask

The Kocoono Eye Mask will block the light, avoiding any distraction from the environment during your Meditation, helping you draw your attention inwards.

By buying the two products together, you will be saving 15% off!

Learn learn more about the benefits of Mindfulness and how to get started with the Kocoono Mindfulness Bundle in this blog.

The Kocoono Shoulder Hug and The Kocoono Eye Mask can also be used separately!

  • The Shoulder Hug relieves tension from your shoulders and essentially calms the mind while helping you focus. It is ideal to use while sitting on the couch, watching TV or reading (some people use it over the lap to help focus on tasks at the desk)
  • The Kocoono Eye Mask blocks out the light (so needed now with early sunrises)


Choose different colour combinations!

You can also choose your Shoulder Hug & Eye Mask in our 2 available colours: Minky Turquoise & Navy Cotton or Minky Grey & Peach Cotton! Choose both in the same colour or any of each in a different colour! Create your own combinations 💙🖤


Shoulder Hug

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders with the Kocoono™ shoulder hug


We store so much tension, stress, and anxiety in our shoulders, and now you can alleviate all of this with the simple self-soothing tool that is the Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug.


Use your Kocoono™Shoulder Hug when:

    • Sitting at your desk

    • Watching TV

    • Reading

    • Meditating 

  Your shoulder hug will relieve tension from your shoulders and essentially calm the mind while helping you to focus. The Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug weighs 1.5kg , and this gentle deep touch pressure to the shoulder area can be likened to a hug.
Eye Mask
Kocoono™ Sleep Mask - Your simple solution to a sound nights sleep Minimise health risks by reducing light pollution allowing your body to enter deeper sleep. Excessive light at nighttime, from electronics or outside, has been scientifically proven to affect your circadian rhythm and your normal hormone production levels. Give your eyes a rest and increase your zzzz's with your Kocoono™ Sleep Mask. Materials: 
  • Luxurious Cotton on one side with a ultra-soft Minky on the other

  • Soft padding so your eyes feel like they're on cloud.

  • Soft minky headband so, you don't experience any chaffing of the ears.

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