Copy of About Us

Well if you have landed on this page chances are you are a tad bit curious about what we bring to the table and why we are capable of catering to your snoozing needs! So let me invite you into our world through the medium of words.
Kocoono™ is an Irish manufacturing company creating Premium Weighted Blankets. Our focus is to support mental wellness naturally while alleviating symptoms of mental illness. Through our production we ensure a high quality end product with our choice of materials, manufacturing process, design and function. Our Kocoono™ Weighted Blankets have been developed to fulfill the need in the market to create optimum restfulness and comfort with our premium construction using 30% upcycled material, filler that makes you feel like you are cuddling a cloud, small pockets so the weight is evenly distributed and concentrated across the body. These smaller pockets provide the user with the optimum benefits of Deep Touch Pressure. 
We cater for all age ranges and needs. From children to  adults from autism to mild anxiety Kocoono™ weighted blanket can make a huge difference to a persons life. 
My name is Emer Flannery, I am the founder and CEO of Kocoono™. My background is in Psychology and I have worked with people literally all over the world with varying mental health needs. I began to notice that sleep often contributed to my clients problems and when they could not sleep they would then become anxious, easily frustrated and problem solving skills would go out the window and lack of sleep would lend a hand to this vicious cycle or lethargy and unhappiness.
The Kocoono™ idea was actually brought about by accident in 2012 when I designed and produced a weighted lap-pad for a child with autism that I was working with. As I had some material left over I decided to make another one and sell it on ebay.  The idea to produce Kocoono™ on a bigger scale was then formed. I traveled over the years since and it is only now that I am the position to get the ball rolling and reignite my love for this product and for helping people to alleviate mental distress through a good nights sleep. 
I use a Kocoono™  Weighed Blanket myself every night and so I understand first hand the quality it needs to be in order to promote the quality sleep and have the maximum benefits to the end user.