How Weighted Blankets can help treat Osteoarthritis Symptoms.

How Weighted Blankets can help treat Osteoarthritis Symptoms.


What is Osteoarthritis and what supports are available in Ireland for sufferers?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is commonly known as ”wear and tear” arthritis. There are different forms  ranging from  Stage 1 ( Minor wear and tear) to Stage 4 (Severe) where the patient is in a lot of pain. It is a degenerative disease meaning it worsens over time. Osteoarthritis is caused by joint damage, leading causes include joint injury, joint overuse, obesity and heredity. Age can be an important factor in diagnosing OA. Whereas people tend to be diagnosed at a later stage, those who play sports and acquire sport injuries will be at risk of developing early onset osteoarthritis. Symptoms include joint pain,stiffness and tenderness. Patients will also have reduced flexibility and may hear clicking or cracking sounds when moving about. Sufferers are usually diagnosed over the age of 40 and as a condition, it affects more women than men.

As with any condition it can be managed well by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Support and advice is available in Ireland through the national Arthritis Ireland helpline on 0818252846 or

They have recently launched online self-management courses to manage pain and feature a podcast series, Inflammation Nation where they speak to a guest speaker on living with arthritis.

How common is the condition in Ireland and the U.K.?

A 2020 report prepared by the Institute of Public Health set out to study ageing and public health in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The report found 10% of Ireland’s population aged 15+ reported on having arthritis in the past 12 months, making it the most prevalent condition among older people. 39% of those aged 56+ were affected, rising to 53% in the over 75 age cohort. Across the U.K. a third of the population  aged 45+ had sought treatment for Osteoarthritis. It was found to be more prevalent than coronary heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

How can Kocoono weighted blankets help relieve symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

    • Better Sleep. We previously spoke about how Kocoono weighted blankets can aid a great night’s sleep in our sleep blog. With pain and discomfort being a common complaint among sufferers of Osteoarthritis, those with the condition would benefit from a restful night’s sleep which both Kocoono LUXE and Kocoono BASIC blankets can help with. This could be especially welcome to the older cohort who suffer with Osteoarthritis as they tend to rest during the day also (i.e. afternoon nap). By using Kocoono weighted blanket range, sufferers of the condition may rely less on sleep and pain medication as part of a nighttime routine.
    • Can relieve pain. Weighted blankets and gravity blankets can replicate deep pressure therapy which can be effective in relieving pain. We previously spoke about the many benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy in this blog. As joint pain can affect knees, a Kocoono weighted blanket would be a welcome comfort whilst watching TV in the evenings or when there is a sudden onset of pain or discomfort. A 2016 study by Pain Medicine found that deep pressure applied during massage was more effective in treating osteoarthritic knee pain as opposed to light pressure.
  • Great gift idea for an older relative. As the older age demographic may not have access to the internet or shop online, this would make a purchase from the  Kocoono range a perfect gift idea just in time for Christmas. You can introduce  an older grandparent/relative to the entire range and speak about the many, natural benefits of Kocoono weighted blankets.

  • What other conditions can weighted blankets treat?

    We have featured detailed blogs in the past on how weighted blankets can be effective in treating the symptoms of sleep disorders, PTSD and anxiety. If you missed those we’ve included the links below to show how Kocoono can treat sleep and mental health conditions, as well as physical conditions such as Osteoarthritis. In the blogs below, we researched and found interesting studies and reports which backed up the benefits of deep pressure therapy on study patients in the U.K. and Ireland.

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