How Kocoono Weighted Blankets can treat PTSD Symptoms

Kocoono Weighted Blankets  are widely known for their natural therapeutic properties in treating Anxiety, Autism and other sensory disorders. Given the fact gravity blankets can be effective in treating a broad spectrum of Anxiety disorders affecting the central nervous system, many people may not know its impact on PTSD. Learn more in this blog about how Kocoono Weighted Blankets  can treat PTSD 

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Do Kocoono Weighted Blankets Help you to sleep?
Yes, they do. Kocoono Weighted Blankets can help you sleep if you combine them with sleep hygiene routines. Insomnia affects between 10-20% of the general population at any one time."Why can't I sleep?" you might ask yourself! Find the main reasons here & check out the 6 Ways Kocoono weighted blankets can help you sleep better!
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