Who may benefit from a weighted blanket? 5 occasions when a weighted blanket is the perfect gift

Not everyone is familiar with the power of a premium weighted blanket, so gifting Kocoono can be an eye-opening, life-changing gift.

They are the perfect gift for new mothers who can't sleep with the new baby, stressed co-workers or employees who can't switch off their minds or the birthday present of those loved ones who like to cosy up in the evenings under a soft blanket, just to name a few! Read more to learn more about who might benefit from a weighted blanket.

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Can't Sleep Away from Home? 6 tips for a good night’s sleep away from home.
Are you planning to go for a holiday away from Ireland, visit local Irish spots or have a business trip soon? If you struggle to sleep during your first night staying away from home, you are not alone. Many people experience this, and there is a scientific explanation! Research suggests that the parts of the brain do not go into "sleep mode" in a new environment as we are in an alert mode. We don't feel the security and warmth of our home, and our body and mind can't switch off 100%. Good news! Using a Kocoono weighted blanket and following some tips can help you with this! Learn more here!
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Why a Kocoono Weighted Blanket is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?
Do you want to get your mother, wife, daughter or grandmother a unique gift that helps them relax and have the best sleep ever? Consider getting her a Kocoono weighted blanket! Think of your mother or grandmother snuggling under their soft Kocoono calming blanket on the couch with a hot cup of tea, so cosy! Much more useful than flowers or chocolates! Kocoono Weighted Blankets are made to last for years! They are an investment for your mother's quality of sleep and wellbeing. Learn more here about how they can help them!
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Kocoono Weighted Blankets for Insomnia - How they can Help?
What is Insomnia and How it Affects You? Did you know that someone with Insomnia is ten times more likely to have depression? The most popular form of treatment is sleeping pills, but they do not always bring the desired results. It is worth using natural alternatives to decrease the severity of your sleep problems. Kocoono Blankets can help you fall asleep naturally & stay asleep longer by relaxing your body with Pressure Therapy. Read this blog to learn more about its science and natural ways to combat your Insomnia.
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Kocoono Weighted Blanket for Fibromyalgia- How it can Help You
Can Kocoono Weighted Blankets help you with Fibromyalgia Symptoms? Chronic pain can impact negatively on your daily life. A Kocoono weighted blanket may help you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms by giving you restorative sleep and improving your overall wellbeing. By applying Deep Pressure Therapy, Kocoono Blankets can help you release your Serotonin levels naturally (usually low in people with Fibromyalgia). Would You Like to Learn More about How Kocoono can Help Mitigate the symptoms? Which is the best Kocoono if you have Fibromyalgia? Find all your responses here!
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