The Late Late Show: Shop Local with Irish Businesses for Christmas!

The Late Late Show: Shop Local with Irish Businesses for Christmas!

Last year The Late Late Show - Take Care of your business featured Irish businesses who were striving and thriving during the pandemic.

This year, The Late Late Show on RTE will highlight more brilliant businesses and show you where you can support local this Christmas. The Special is tonight at 10pm. Don't miss out! Watch the show here.

Ryan Tubridy invited to small and medium sized Irish companies to apply this year, and the response was incredible.

As a small Irish company, Kocoono has applied to showcase on the show! Our product Kocoono might showcase tonight , so keep an eye and tag @kocoono on your Social Media if you see us!  

Taking Care of Business will feature and showcase different types of businesses around the country tonight. The Special is tonight at 10 pm. Don't miss out!   

Support Irish Businesses this Christmas

As an Irish company, we can truly understand how massively important it is for consumers to buy local.
Supporting local businesses can be done in many ways. Even the smallest act of kindness and buying from the local shop can hugely help all involved!

I want to give a massive thanks to all the Irish People that last year bought with Kocoono, deciding to buy an Irish designed product. The support from the Irish people has been huge. Since launching, we have had inquiries from Irish people who live in Japan, Germany, France, and the U.K. and want to buy Irish goods. Offering each other support is one of the best things we can do for our economy.

We have experienced the ups and downs as a small Irish business, the same as everyone has in their personal lives, but it is all worth it when you see that your product positively impacts people's lives.

Last Christmas, approximately 70% of our customers were buying a Kocoono as a gift for a loved one as they felt they would benefit from an embrace, like Linda who bought Kocoono for her elderly father :

"I bought the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket for my 88yr old dad. He had several sleep issues: Restless legs, nightmares, and grief after the loss of my mother, his best friend and wife of 60 years. It has been worth every single cent. My dad is so much better at nighttime and even looks forward to his sleep now"

Now, we have many people reaching out to us to buy a Kocoono as a gift to themselves, but still, Kocoono is being chosen to give the gift of a hug. We hope a Kocoono will be in many Irish homes this Christmas and support the sleep and wellbeing of many Irish families. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect option for your loved ones. 

The 4 most unique Christmas Kocoono gift ideas

Whether you're shopping for your mom, grandma, sister, or partner, these are some of the best unique Christmas Kocoono gift ideas you can give! Ideal to gift to your loved ones or add to your own Santa list. Learn more about how these 4 gifts can improve your and your loved ones' Wellbeing. Keep reading

1) Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE

Give the gift of a HUG this Christmas! This is an ideal gift for those who need to improve their sleep, ease stress, anxiety or symptoms of Restless Legs.  Kocoono Weighted Blankets create a Hug-like feeling, bringing the comfort of a cocoon to the body. Kocoono LUXE is suitable for adults and children over 4 years old

Using Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to stimulate pressure points in the body, the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket helps to reduce naturally cortisol levels associated with stress and naturally increases your body's happy chemicals. 

Last year, many of our customers bought Kocoono Blanket to improve the sleep of their elderly parents or grandparents. Kocoono was also a way to send a big hug to those parents, grandparents and children that couldn't receive a physical hug during the pandemic. It is an investment in the Wellbeing of your loved ones that you won't regret. Learn more about how Kocoono can help your loved ones to sleep better in this blog.

Benefits of Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE 

Give the gift of a hug with Kocoono LUXE

Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE is an Irish luxurious Weighted Blanket designed to:

  • Improve sleep naturally
  • Reduce Restlessness
  • Relax your body
  • Ease Stress & Anxiety
  • Increase focus
  • Beneficial for Sensory Overload
  • Ease the pain and symptoms of Restless Legs, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Alzheimers 

In contrast with other gravity blankets on the market, Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE has unique features such as the integrated shoulder embrace that relieve tension on your shoulder and embrace your body from the top, and it is customisable, allowing the user to adjust the weight and pressure to their needs. Visit the blog 7 reasons why Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE is UNIQUE to learn more about these unique features! 


2) Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket BASIC

Experience the benefits of the Deep Touch Pressure Therapy with the Basic version of our Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket.

The Kocoono Weighted Blanket BASIC is a simpler and less adaptable gravity blanket than the LUXE version but still designed to provide you with the same benefits as Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE.

It has simplicity at its core while keeping the same benefits as Kocoono™ Luxe, using Deep Touch Pressure to reduce the stresses of life. With its simple design, it loses some of the unique features of the Kocoono™ Luxe. The Kocoono™ Basic does not have the same shoulder embrace or customisable weighted bands as Kocoono™ Luxe and as such, retails at a reduced price point.


3) Kocoono™ Work Wellness Bundle 

Kocoono Work Wellness Bundle

The Kocoono™ Work Wellness Bundle is the perfect gift for those who work at home, or where ever they  take their computer!

The Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle contains the Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug and the Kocoono™ Weighted Eye Pillow

Benefits of The Kocoono™ Work Wellness Bundle:

The Kocoono™ Work Wellness Bundle helps alleviate:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder Tension
  • Headaches and head tension
  • Digital eye strain: itchy and burning eyes

4) Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle 

The Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle have all you need to introduce yourself or your loved ones to Mindfulness. The Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle contains the Kocoono™ Shoulder Hug and Kocoono™ Eye Mask.

Benefits of The Kocoono™ Mindfulness Bundle:

  • The Kocoono Shoulder Hug helps you Get the correct position during Meditation
  • The Kocoono Shoulder Hug provides pressure therapy over the shoulder area, which brings deep relaxation to the body.
  • The Eye Mask will block the light, avoiding any distraction from the environment during your Meditation.


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