How do I use my Kocoono™ Weighted blanket? All Your Questions Answered

How do I use my Kocoono™ Weighted blanket? All Your Questions Answered

We know many people have given a Kocoono™ as a Christmas present to themselves or their loved on this year so we created a short video bellow to show how to use it and explain the Unique features!


We created the above video to answer some frequently asked questions about the Kocoono™ LUXE weighted blanket and we have prepared the following video & FAQ for you.

1. How do I use my Kocoono™ Luxe weighted blanket?

How you use your Kocoono™ is up to personal preference, we recommend using it with a sheet to reduce the need for washing the blanket.

You can use it with a duvet or without, depending on your preference. Some customers use it on top of their duvet, others have it nearer to their body with the duvet on top of their Kocoono™, find the way that works best for you!

We generally use it with the Minky or Velvet side facing upward, with the cotton side towards yourself

2. Can Kocoono Weighted Blanket replace my duvet?

Kocoono is not designed for heat per se, as the primary function is for deep pressure therapy to calm your body.  The bottom fabric of the Kocoono is breathable cotton, and the filling material is glass beads, which helps regulate your body temperature. We always recommend using it with a duvet in Winter as the idea is not to replace your duvet. We have many customers in Ireland and the UK that would use both all year round. 

3.  Why does my Kocoono™ not fit a double bed?

The Kocoono™ weighted blanket is designed to fit your body not the bed. It is you that need the Deep touch pressure not the bed. It is designed to be 110 cm x 195 cm so as to not fall of the bed.If it was designed for 2 people to use it would cause a more disturbed sleep as people would drag it between them. See video above for a more in depth explanation on this.

 4. My Kocoono™ weighted blanket feels strange on my body?

 Some people adapt to their Kocoono™ straight away, others it can take your body up to 2 weeks to get used to your Kocoono™ weighted blanket so give it time to allow your body to become accustomed to it (we have had customers dislike it the first few days and then fall in love with this after. Some going from 1 hours sleep (pre-Kocoono blanket) to 7 hours sleep per night (after using their Kocoono™) after they have become accustomed to the use of their Kocoono™) so we recommend that you start off by using it for short periods of time as per the below guide

  • 15 minutes for the first few days
  • 30 minutes for the next 4 days
  • 1 hour for the next 4 days
  • The full night from then on


 5.My Kocoono™ is too Light / too heavy?

Your Kocoono™ should be approximately 10% of your body weight but this can change depending on personal preference

  • 5kg is suitable for someone who is around 8 stone to 10 stone
  • 7kg is suitable for someone who is around 11 stone to 13 stone
  • 9kg is suitable for someone who is around 14 stone and up

We can arrange a Swapit if you feel like you would prefer a lighter/ heavier Kocoono™ (this can be arranged via email in January) 

6. How do I wash my Kocoono™ weighted blanket?

 The instructions for washing are included in the product literature

If you have ordered the Kocoono™ LUXE blanket you remove the inner weighted strips. You can check out this video to further understand how to do this

If you ordered the Kocoono™ Basic blanket, you need to untie the inner ties and pop the outer cover in the washing machine, we recommend a 30 degrees wash.

7. How can I adjust the weight of Kocoono LUXE to my child?

Kocoono LUXE has 11 inner weighted bands (9 large bands that stretch across the body and 2 small ones for around the neck that conform and act as the Shoulder Embrace). The 9 inner weighted bands have the same weight distributed across the 6 pockets sewn into each channel.

 You will need to remove the required amount of large weighted bands to suit the child , considering that each inner weighted band weighs approx  0.5 kg for the 5kg version and you need to get to 10% of your child's body weight. For example, if your child weighs only 25kg (4 stone) you would remove approx half of the inner weighted bands.

 The best way to do this is to remove the weighted bands in the lower half of the blanket.You can add the weighted bands as the child grows. This is more environmentally and cost friendly than needing to purchase a new blanket at each growth spurt. Visit this blog to learn more how Kocoono LUXE can help your child :-) 

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💚 If you have suggestions for blog post, resources etc you would like to see from us in 2022 do let us know! 

Many thanks and have a Wonderful New Year

From all at team Kocoono™ HQ


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