Choose the perfect Kocoono™ gift for your loved ones this Christmas❤️🎁

Choose the perfect Kocoono™ gift for your loved ones this Christmas❤️🎁

Christmas is the favourite occasion to give Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE as a present! 85% of our customers who bought Kocoono™ for someone else, chose Christmas to give this special present. Give the gift of a hug this Christmas can be the perfect way to show how much mean for you that person! 

Not just Kocoono™ Blanket Luxe but also Kocoono ™ accessories are the perfect way to introduce yourself and your loved ones to Well-being and Mental Health this Christmas and get 2021 to a good start! Here you have 6 Kocoono™ gifts to give this Christmas that will bring calm, positivity, and extra relaxation to your loved ones. All of them now at 15% Off during Green Friday! 


1. KocoonoWeighted Blanket LUXE: Give the gift of a hug!

Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE creates a hug feeling all over the body, helping you to feel relaxed and calmed immediately. When you are giving Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE you are giving a lifetime hug.

This is the right choice for those experiencing anxiety, sleep difficulties, restlessness, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, sensory processing disorders, autism, Alzheimer's, and any feeling of sensory overload that impacts the body's natural ability to calm. Or simply for those who desire to improve their quality of sleep!

Using Deep Touch Pressure therapy to stimulate pressure points in the body, the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE help to reduce cortisol levels associated with stress, and in turn increases dopamine and serotonin, our "happy chemicals". Learn more about its features and unique characteristics in our blog 7 reasons why Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket LUXE is UNIQUE

For a simpler version of Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket (without the customization) but still designed to provide you with the same benefits as Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Luxe you can choose the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Basic 

2. Kocoono™Shoulder Hug: for book lovers, meditation beginners & desk workers

The perfect gift for book lovers and those who spend long hours working at the desk! The Kocoono™Shoulder Hug will relieve the tension in the shoulder area immediately and calm the mind while helping to focus and boost the productivity.

It is also ideal for those who want to be initiated into the meditation practice as it help to reach the meditative state faster by relaxing the body, releasing the tension and helping to get the correct posture.

 3. Eye Pillow: for yoga lovers

Kocoono™ Weighted Eye Pillow for Yoga lovers. Wellness gift for Christmas.

Your loved one is a Yoga fan? In that case, the Kocoono™ weighted Eye pillow is your right choice! It is generally used during the Savasana , the last position after Yoga session, and restorative yoga.  The benefits of the Kocoono™ eye pillows are numerous and they are one of the most powerful tools for health & happiness to give instantaneous relief from anxiety & stress. Learn more about 5 ways to use a Weighted Eye Pillow that will boost your well-being

 4. Eye mask: for those who need blackout at night and extra help to meditate!

Kocoono™ Eye mask. Christmas gift. Wellness gift.

The main purpose of the Kocoono™ Sleep Mask is to minimize health risks by reducing light pollution allowing your body to enter deeper sleep. It is ideal for those who experiment excessive light at night-time. Give your eyes a rest and increase your zzz's! Recently, our customers have been using it in combination with the Kocoono™ Shoulder as a tool to reach the meditate state.

5. Wellness Toolkit: The perfect combination with Kocoono ™ Weighted Blankets

The Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit has been designed for increasing focus and mental well being in the day to day life. It helps you to track the sleep patterns, increase well being & apply Positive Psychology. 

In this Wellness Toolkit, you will find a Sleep Diary to track the sleep pattern, a Weekly planner to organize the week, a Gratitude Journal to write down every morning three things you are grateful for, and much more! It is the ideal tool to practice Positive Psychology Techniques and combine with Kocoono Weighted Blankets!

To get the most of the Kocoono™ Wellness Toolkit, we recommend you to read our blog 7 Positive psychology techniques to improve your life

6. Not sure about what she/he will love?: Kocoono ™ E-gift is your solution

Kocoono™ E-gift card


Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Not sure about the adequate weight you should choose for the Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket Luxe? Give them the gift of choice with a Kocoono™ E-Gift card!

*Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

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