5 ways to use a Weighted Eye Pillow that will boost your well-being

5 ways to use a Weighted Eye Pillow that will boost your well-being

What are the benefits of Weighted Eye Pillows, and how can we use them to make the most of them?

Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow. Perfect for relaxation at the end of your yoga session or for corpse or savasana pose

Deep Touch Pressure Therapy around your eyes

Weighted¬†Eye Pillows are small pillows designed to be placed over your eyes when lying on your back.¬†ÔĽŅThe¬†Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow¬†weighs 500g, and it¬†applies pressure therapy evenly on and around your eyes¬†to leave you feeling relaxed, releasing the stresses of your day and helping you to feel calm. You can insert the inner weighted band into the freezer for only 5 minutes and reinsert it back for a cooling effect. It's ideal for relieving headaches and tension! Some users love to use it for meditating or after their¬†Yoga Session¬†for the¬†Savasana¬†or¬†Corpse Pose.


Pay attention to the 5 different times you will most benefit from using Weighted Eye Pillows: 

Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow. Perfect for relaxation at the end of your yoga session or for corpse or savasana pose

1. At the end of your yoga session or for savasana

Many people use Weighted Eye Pillows after their Yoga workout, or for Savasana , also known as Corpse Pose, and restorative yoga.
Savasana is the final resting pose in the yoga practice at the end of almost every yoga session to bring you images of calmness and get deep relaxation.
The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted eye pillow helps you to get to the point of maximum relaxation.¬†

 If you are interested in knowing more about this practice and how it works, we recommend you read the blog Savasana, Resting Pose, Give yourself a break! by Orla Crosse from Performance Yoga, where you can find the steps to get the pose.


2. Right before sleeping in combination with Lavender


The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow can be introduced in your Daily Sleep Hygiene Practices, enhancing your quality and quantity of sleep. Place your Weighted Eye Pillow when you are lying on your back, ideally. Due to its ergonomic design it will fit perfectly on your face. If you prefer another sleeping position, place it on your hand to hold it (you can use a cushion as a holding aid).

Please, be aware that the Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow is not designed to be used for long periods of time. It will help you relax right before sleep, and it would be enough to use it during 10-15 minutes. 

You can add¬†lavender mist on your Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow‚Äôs outer-cover to relax before sleep.¬† Thanks to its customisable design, you will be able to wash the outer-cover and keep it hygienic.

Lavender has a soothing reputation as a natural product to help you relax. We recommend you use a lavender scent in a spray formula, like the Twilight Spray from Lush, a vegan product which provides you with a sleepy scented lullaby of tonka and ylang ylang.


 3. For relieving headaches

The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow is a powerful tool to reduce headaches and tension in the head. The best way to combat headaches with the Weighted Eye Pillow is using its cooling relief effect.¬†

You just need to insert the inner pillow into the freezer (in a sealable plastic bag) or cool down in the fridge (depending on your level of cold preference), lie down and place the cooling eye pillow over your eyes, recover from visual overload and relax!

 4. After work to relieve burning eyes caused by excessive screen exposure

Do you suffer from itchy and irritated eyes frequently? Most of the time this is produced by excessive exposure to a computer screen.¬† Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow is great for relieving irritated, itchy and burning eyes caused after hours of computer work. To boost the calming effect around your itchy eyes, we recommend combining the Eye pillow with a warm compress underneath.

5. For relaxation and boosting your mood at any time

Too much stress during your day? Do you have 5 minutes to take a breath and lie down on the couch? The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow can help us to get a glorious and peaceful moment in the middle of those hectic days. Give yourself time to disconnect, be away from your screen and the daily demands and relax. In just 5 minutes you will notice its calming effects. After this little break, you will have a more productive day with an enhanced mood and better focus helping your productivity and overall happiness.

Why are¬†people¬†falling in love with The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye pillow?¬†

The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow has become one of our star products. Everyone is falling in love with it!¬†
Features such as the Pressure Therapy applied thanks to its gentle weight, the  customisable design for ease of washing, the cold therapeutic capabilities & the soft minky material are the standout features that everyone is loving. 
The customisable design of the Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Eye Pillow allows you to remove the inner weighted pillow and wash the outer cover separately.


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