5 Reasons you'll want to visit Kocoono at the Ideal Homes Show 2021 in Dublin

5 Reasons you'll want to visit Kocoono at the Ideal Homes Show 2021 in Dublin

UPDATE 20th of November: In case the recent government announcement about indoor event has caused any confusion, the Ideal Home Show has been in direct contact with the Department of Innovation, Enterprise and Employment and can confirm the following:Visitors will be asked to present a Covid Certificate at the entrance and will be asked to wear a face covering at the event. 

 It's official! Kocoono will be at permanent tsb Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021 this October!

Here we tell you the 5 reasons why you'll want to visit Kocoono at The Permanent tsb Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021:

1. You can test our Kocoono Weighted Blankets and Wellness Accessories!
2. You'll get exclusive offers

3. Enter our Draw for a chance to win our Kocoono LUXE worth ‚ā¨279

4. Meet new Kocoono products for the first time showcased at The Ideal Home Show!
5. Shop for amazing Christmas gifts to support your family's Wellbeing & Sleep at home!

Read on to find out more about it, but first of all read all the information you need to know about The Ideal Home Show!¬†ūüĎá

About permanent tsb Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021 

Where will The Ideal Home Show take place in Dublin?

The exhibition will take place at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The Ideal Home Show is in the Simmonscourt Pavilion of Simmonscourt Road. You can get the location here:   

When is the Ideal Home Show ? 

From Friday the 22nd October to 25th of October

What times does it open and close?

On Friday it starts at 11am and closes at 5pm

Saturday: 10:00 - 6:00

Sunday:    10:00 - 6:00

‚ÄčMonday:¬† ¬†10:00 - 5:00

Who will be at the Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021? 

You can find Kocoono of course and many other home interiors, furnishings, decors, windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchens and so much more. All that you could possibly need to enjoy your home environment. Oh and we must mention that our wonderful friends at Showergem and Kangen Water will be there too so make sure to pop by and say hello to them also!! 

Covid 19 Protocol. Do I need to present my Vaccine Certificate at The Ideal Home Show Dublin ? 


 The government and NEPHET have confirmed that from that date large indoor events can take place again with no mitigation requirements. See government guidelines. The permanent tsb Ideal Home Shows will take additional safety measures by asking their visitors to present their covid certificates at the entrance. Visit the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show Covid 19 Protocol for more information.

What can you find at The Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021? List of Exhibitors 

You can find thousands of new ideas and inspiration for your home, from expert advice for interior design, furnishing and décor to energy saving, windows, doors, kitchens and bathrooms, home builds, extensions. And, of course, health and lifestyle to take care of your family at home! Kocoono will be in the Health And Lifestyle area! You will find close to 150 exhibitors participating together. Find who you want to see by looking at the Exhibitor List provided by the Event. 

Where can you find Kocoono in The Ideal Home Show Dublin 2021?  

You can find Kocoono at the stand number R41. Its founder, Emer Flannery and the staff will be there to showcase the products, respond to any questions and help you with anything you need. Come to meet us in person! 

5 Reasons you'll want to visit us! 

1. You can test our Kocoono Weighted Blankets and Wellness Accessories!

We will have a comfy chair ready for you to test our Kocoono Blankets! Get yourself relaxed and try the benefits of Kocoono.

 2. You'll get exclusive offers

You will have special offers for our products. Do you want to make sure to have your Kocoono while stock lasts?  Our staff will be happy to put the order in the system for you! We ship from Ireland, so you will receive your product between 1-3 days. We use DPD for shipping and they are very fast!

If the stock is available at the Ideal Home Show and you want to take your Kocoono with you, that won't be a problem! We will have many Kocoono Blankets & accessories available on the day so you can take yours with you while stocks last.

3. Enter our Draw for a chance to win our Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE worth 279‚ā¨¬†

Visit us at the stand to enter our Giveaway for the Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE. You will only need to complete an anonymous 5 minutes survey and leave us your name and email. We will announce the winner by Newsletter on 1st November! We will also run small giveaways of our Kocoono accessories every day, announcing the winner at the end of the day, so you can have the chance to win and take your Kocoono accessory with you before leaving the venue!

4. Meet new Kocoono products for the first time showcased in Ideal Home!

We have several new products launching that will be showcased for the first time at The Ideal Home Show, along with our Kocoono Weighted Blankets, shoulder hugs, eye pillows and eye masks. All with our customers' Wellbeing in mind! Be the first to test them and leave us your feedback.

5. Shop for amazing Christmas gifts to support your family's Well-being & Sleep at home!

Here are the products you can test at The Ideal Home Show! We will have special offers during Ideal Home Show for the following items!

1. Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE - 279 euros

Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE

Give the gift of a hug this Christmas! 

Kocoono is an Irish luxurious Weighted Blanket that creates a HUG-like feeling, bringing the comfort of a cocoon to your home. Suitable for Adults & Children.

The Kocoono Weighted Blanket concept is based on Deep Touch Pressure Therapy,

which is firm but gentle pressure applied to the body similar to a hug or massage. It relaxe your body naturally!

Benefits of Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE:

  • Improve sleep naturally
  • Reduces Restlessness
  • Ease Stress & Anxiety
  • Relax your body
  • Increases focus
  • Ease the pain and symptoms of Restless Legs, Arthritis and Sensory overload

Reasons why Kocoono Weighted Blanket LUXE is different

  • Customisable: Kocoono LUXE has 10 inner Kocoono weighted bands and you can remove some of them if you don't want the pressure in certain areas.
  • Integrated Shoulder Embrace to relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Even pressure: The segmented inner Kocoono Weighted bands means that the Kocoono LUXE is versatile and creates ease of movement. The segmentation keeps the glass beads in place and prevents them ending up at one side.
  • Mimics a hug: Kocoono LUXE has a neck cut out design that allows the Blanket to fit smoothly around your neck, wrapping your body from the top. If you turn to one side while sleeping, Kocoono moves with you! You will feel embraced and comforted all night long!
  • Machine Washable
  • Proudly designed in Ireland
  • Ethically¬† Made in Europe with Premium Fabrics

2. Kocoono Weighted Blanket BASIC- 190 euros

Kocoono Weighted Blanket BASIC

¬†Experience the benefits of the Deep Touch Pressure Therapy with a simpler version of our Kocoono‚ĄĘ Weighted Blanket with Kocoono Weighted Blanket BASIC. The Kocoono Weighted blanket basic version has an outer cover that ties to the inner cover with 12 ties. Make sure to come over to us and you can see the difference between our most popular Kocoono LUXE weighted blanket and the basic version. Some¬†people also know these as anxiety blankets or Gravity blanket essentially allow you body to¬† relax into your environment.¬†

3. Kocoono Shoulder Hug - 75 euros

The perfect gift for book lovers and those who spend long hours working at the desk! The Kocoono‚ĄĘ Shoulder Hug will relieve the tension in the shoulder area immediately and calm the mind while helping to focus and boost productivity. It is also ideal for those who want to start into a meditation practice as it helps to reach the meditative state faster by relaxing the body, releasing the tension and helping to get the correct posture.

4. Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow- 30 euros

 What about  gifting Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow for Christmas to your loved ones? Or for yourself? If you or your loved one is a Yoga fan, suffers from headaches or works long hours with devices, then you can't fail with this gift!  The Kocoono Weighted Eye pillow applies gentle pressure evenly on and around your eyes to leave you feeling relaxed, releasing the stresses of your day and helping you to feel calm. It is a godsend for your eyes! It will help you recover from visual overload and essentially relax you!

Some ways to use the Kocoono Weighted Eye Pillow that will benefit your wellbeing:

  • Using it for about 10 minutes right before sleeping, coupled with a Lavender scent¬†
  • After work to recover from visual overload and help relax you!
  • ūü§Į For combating headaches using its cooling effect
  • ¬†After your yoga or meditation session

5. Kocoono Eye Mask- 20 euros

Kocoono Eye Mask 

¬†Kocoono‚ĄĘ Sleep Mask is your simple solution to a sound nights sleep. It helps you minimise health risks by reducing light pollution allowing your body to enter deeper sleep. It's made of Luxurious Cotton on one side with an ultra-soft Minky fabric on the other. The users love how soft it is! Your eyes will feel like they are on cloud 9!


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